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FSUIPC 4.40 - PMDG AutoSave Auto-Delete

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Hi Guys:I recently made a post about the extraordinary amount of panel states that were seemingly saved as a result of the PMDG Panel States autosaving to their default location, every time FSUIPC Autosave created a new save state. FSUIPC Autosave basically deletes any older states, and then writes the new ones, whereas the PMDG saves, just kept on building. I posted the question to Pete Dowson's forum, and he suggested that he would think about it. Today i received another reply from him, in that it will be included in FSUIPC 4.40 to be released in the next few days. Here is his response. "Pete Dowson wrote:On the other hand, maybe an INI file option (only) could be added where you, the user, can provide an additional folder path to be handled, and the fie-type to be deleted. I'll think about that. Shouldn't be too much work ..."Okay. Such a facility will be available in FSUIPC 4.40, which I hope to release within the next few days or so.You will have to manually add some lines to the [AutoSave] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file. For the PMDG 747X these would be:AlsoManage1=PMDG747400PanelState*.FLT.savAlsoManage2=PMDG747400PanelState*.0.rteAlsoManage3=PMDG747400PanelState*.1.rteas the PMDG can save these 3 file types for every saved FLT. The * represents the position where FSUIPC4 will substitute the AutoSave filename part.You'd need to do something similar I think for the MD11, but I don't know the details. The path given in these lines is WITHIN the main FSX path. If you have anything installed outside the FSX path you'd need to give the complete pathname, from the drive (e.g. C: ...) onwards (or the computer name for a Network in the usual form, i.e. ...).Up to 9 "AlsoManage" lines can be given, numbered 1 to 9.All FSUIPC4 does is delete the files with those names in those paths when it deletes the related FLT + WX files from the FSX flights folder.RegardsPetePete Dowson I hope that you all find this usefulCheersPaul

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