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  1. It's a rare occasion that i post these days, but to let this pass without offering my condolences would be to do a disservice to Michael I feel. It's been a long time since Mike sorted my FSX machine. He did such a good job of it, and taught me so much that i've never needed to go back to him. My machine works a little beyond its capabilities, and when i have issues i know just what to do, thanks to Mike. Mike wasn't everyones cup of tea. It's been alluded to here, but his gruffness and straight talking suited me right down to the ground. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Words to live by, and my Michael did. He was a kind, caring, funny man, who helped so many of us, get more from our hobbies, and understand the technicalities a little better. Rest in peace Michael.
  2. Hi There:Firstly, it's a forum rule, so please post your name when you make a post, it helps us all feel like we are talking to a real person ;)Right then, the APU on the 747-400 is started by switching the APU knob to start (i think - with the MD11 out, its been a while) and letting it spring back to its on position.If you are doing that, it should start. Although bear in mind that it can take a while before it becomes available.In my little world, i generally start the APU as we turn off from the landing runway. Approaching the stand, i again refer to the Overhead Panel, and switch the power source to APU. Acheived with the APU GEN switches that should now be lit by the AVAIL lights.This then enables an almost instant engine shutdown upon application of the Parking Brake.If that isnt working for you. A screenshot of your Overhead, and EICAS with the ELEC page up would be useful.CheersPaul
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