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  1. A very very BIG thank you! Looking forward for the updated NGX, plus the 747 will be just gorgeous. Thanks again, Pau Daniel.
  2. I suspect that can indicate the NGX WX Radar can get in the P3D version before than in the FSX one, if it ever mades to FSX. I'm sorry, but that radar is what everybody wants in the NGX, you could do an SP1d instead of an SP2, simmers would be more happy. I don't think it takes so much effort to do it compared to moving the 777 to P3D, which, in the long run, has the same major issue than FSX, OOM errors. We are stuck in the same place, again. Anyway, somehow happy that developers are moving forwards to 'new' sims. Regards, Pau Daniel.
  3. Well ok, we will have to pay AGAIN for the PMDG product, we will have to pay AGAIN for a simulator (P3D), surely we will have to pay AGAIN for every single add-on because of licensing problems and then we will have cockpit shadows and some better frame rates, BUT we will still get Out Of Memory errors if we load everything we love in the simulator. (Irony ON) Totally worth the money (Irony OFF). Regards, Pau Daniel. P.S.: I was hoping for LM to have the guts for developing a 64 bit program, but they don't, and this community will still be tied up to the silly restriction of 4GB Virtual Memory, the big STEP is still missing.
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