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  1. Hi Dick, Thanks, but no Skockwave lights in P3d. -Jody
  2. Hi Everyone, I love the PC-12 (with everyone's mods) and have been building hours in it. One thing I have noticed is the dim landing and taxi lights in P3DV5. By comparison, my A2A aircraft have fantastic landing and taxi lights. Is there a mod or fix for this in P3DV5? Thanks in advance! -Jody
  3. Nevermind all. Scott's instructions for V4 work in V5. Thanks, Jody
  4. Hello Everyone, I've just rediscovered GA flying thanks to a new PC, P3DV5 and Orbx! I am really enjoying the PC-12 with mods. I have the F1 GTN installed and would like to get weather capability in the VC with pop-up options. I just purchased the Milviz WX advantage for V5. Can anyone tell me how to get in the VC where the Avidane is and be able to have it pop-up too? If there is a better WX radar option for this, I am open to that too. Thanks in advance for the help! Reagrds, Jody
  5. I have the same problem using FSX, FS2Crew and either the default long or short panel states. I even reinstalled the QOTSII on the advice of the FS2Crew folks. I still have the caution light and every now and then a “body gear” warning. No problems if I don’t use FS2Crew. I think FS2Crew is having issues with the jet.
  6. Hi, Thank you for the great add on! I am having a problem with the APU with FS2Crew button control. When I start with the PMDG “short” panel state, the APU will not start. I didn’t have this issue before FS2Crew was installed. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t remember having the issue with that “long” panel state. Thanks, Jody
  7. When I checked FSUIPC, sure enough it had the aileron axis assigned as mixture for the #2 and #4 engine running in the background. Don't know how that happened, but it's alright now. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Thank you, I will check that when I get home. Yes, FSX. Is there a way to have FSX forget the maping? Even when I change stuff, sometimes it will still do it. I have a registered version of FSUIPC, maybe I'll try that to program everything.
  9. Hi All, I need a little help. I an running Windows 7, 64 bit and I am having problems with my controls. I have the Saitek Pro Yoke, extra throttle and rudders. Everything was working fine and then one day when I turned on the computer, the Yoke and throttle wouldn't power up (rudders were fine). I bought a powered USB hub and the controls work again. However, when I input a right aileron deflection, the #2 (2 engine aircraft) or the #2 and #4 (four engine aircraft) shut down. There is no visible switch the is moved and there is no action other than aileron movement and elevator movement tied to the Yoke. I updated drivers, restarted multiple times, deleted the FSX config file and it is still doing it. Ever since the controls stopped working, it has been doing this. I am beginning to think the Yoke is broke. It has done this with the PMDG 747vs and LevelD 767. Any help would be great. Thanks, Jody
  10. Chris,I love your Southwest repaints. My favorite so far is N238WN. I love the weathering, it is done just right. As a matter of fact, I am making a run in 238 as I type this. Thanks for doing the SWA paints.
  11. I have been away for a while. Can anyone tell me if the Alaska Starliner 75 has been done? I've done the standard searches but came up empty. I have really been hoping for this one since the NGX was released. Thanks.
  12. Beautiful bird. That would be a favorite for me.
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