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  1. Hi, I think we may be having the same problem. My PMDG 737 freezes in flight as soon as I select flaps past 1. I have the B747 and B77 and they don't do that. I also posted this under another thread so it seems like a few people are experiencing some form of lock up or freeze with the B737 and Prepar3d. I'm running V4.1 and windows 10.
  2. Hey, Just experienced this today. First time it's happened and I usually don't fly the 737 NGX that much. Today I just wanted to practice an approach so no flight plan or star was loaded. Nothing worked except the standby compass (see video below). I couldn't raise or lower the gear, the flight control surfaces didn't move and I couldn't trim the aircraft either. I was able to recreate the exact same scenario after a complete shut down and reboot of Prepar3d. The point at which it froze was on flap selection. Tried the TAB button, nothing worked. Any ideas? P3D V4.1, Windows 10, Orbx, Active Sky Next, Chase Plane, GSX
  3. Hey all, I created my own panel state using the default PMDG short start. Everything goes ok except for when I start the engines (Autostart enabled). I use FS2Crew to start the engines but as soon as I put the fuel switches to run, I get the audio and caution light. From that point on, there's no way to cancel the caution light. Anyone else experiencing this problem? https://youtu.be/pa-A7fhSDeM P3D V4.1, PMDG 747 II (latest update), FS2Crew, Kind regards, Jermaine Lindsay Windows 10, i7 7700K, GTX1080ti, SSD x 2
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