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PIC & ED3D glasses + IRtracker

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Guest kdfw

Flying PIC for over a year now, and read many positive reviews about the ED3D glasses + the IRtrack (hands free POV controller) so I decided to get them to upgrade my PIC experience. Well, after messing around w/ them for several days, my verdict is that they are both excellent.The 3D effect is awsome (even on the PIC 2D panel) and takeoffs and landings are really fun. Going back to the MS stock planes w/ the VC panels, the new 3D effects are simply amazing. The visual quality improves quite a bit and the way the glare shield and MCP sticks out over the forward instrument panel is really neat. Then you have the outside scenery over the shield...Couple this to the IRtrack POV controller, the immersion factor is unbelievable. Move the head and the 3D VC follows.I am now flying PIC w/ this setup now (and re-discovered the stock VC aircraft). I hope the PIC team will develop their next panel with VC so that we can enjoy the best quality cockpit+flight models with the immersion factor that the 3D VC can offer us. Some thoughts about the 3D glasses:o frame rate penalty minimal (1-4fps but will not notice).o best with monitor at >120Hz refresh (100Hz okay), so I had to lower the FS resolution from 1280x960 to 1152x864 to get 120Hz refresh.o with the LCD shutter the image gets a little dark, but gamma adjust using hotkey will sufficiently make up for it.o have problem w/ IL2 (locks up when map is brought up).o tried Quake and Wolfenstein, really nice 3D effects.o got the wireless (IR) version, works very well. hope the battery life is not too short.o obtained best 3D effect when stereo separation is 80-90% (but needed to adjust convergence to focus on close objects without crossing my eyes).o will need to use later Nvidia drivers (>22.90, using 23.11); I get some lockups if > 21.83 but not that bad. More visual artifacts if 21.83 was used.o strobe and runway lights will not display all too well (double image at some distance) if the stereo separation is large (best if not for these lighting issues). Hope FS2004 will render these objects so that they will display correctly in 3D.Some thoughts about the IR POV controller:o FS2002 function allows handfree VC panning, works great.o Needed to adjust sensitivities to keep the view from jerking around, works great after adjustment.o Use with 3D glasses and it's just like having your own 767 or 767 simulator.o can't map right-mouse button + mouse movement to the POV controller to use on Janes FA-18 (one of the best VCs), maybe there's a way to do this...All in all, I am very happy with these gadgets.Patplatform: 1.2G AMD, 320M RAM, GF2ultra, WinME, CHUSByoke, 21"SonyG500

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