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Panel issues during MultiPlayer

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My panel is having issues during MP use. All my warning and caution lights are illuminated from the time another person is connected via MP until about the time I apply TO thrust. Also, one of the knobs on the clock is constantly switching position, back and forth. Even with the realistic align time for the IRS set, the IRS will align instantly. One more thing is that the FMC is messed up in that I can't enter much data to it. All of these things work perfectly if i'm not connected to MP, my entire panel works flawlessly. Has anyone else come across this or something similar when you connect to multiplayer? For some reason I vaguely recall reading that this panel can't be used with MP...anyone know if that is true or not?Any help is much appreciated...my passengers weren't too happy when i had to cancel the flight because of these maintanance write-ups...Justin

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