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System crash

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Good day, I was wondering if someone has also experienced a similarproblem :After approx 20-30 minutes of using PIC 767 (with & without the Posky merge from Lee ), Fs2002 crashes indicating a problem with the following file : VMCPD01. I have tried to solution this problem butto no avail and I must admit that it's somewhat frustrating. Furthermore, I have re-installed FS2002 and this has had no effect onthe problem. I don't seem to have the problem when "flying" DF737-400but I recently experienced a similar crash when starting with thedefault cessna 172. My whole system crashes and I have to re-start mycomputer...Any help or ideas would be more than welcome !!!Cheers to all and "happy landings". Rhys (LSZH)system : Pentium IV with 1.7ghz 512 ram Windows ME AGP CARD :64mb NVidia GeForce2 GTS Ultra (latest drivers) PCI Card (2nd screen)GeForce MX/MX400 Direct X 8.1a

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