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California Screamin 8 - May 18th

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That big event on the US West Coast - California Screamin' is scheduled for Sunday May18th - 18:00 - 23:00 Z (11-16 Pacific).If you're new to VATSIM - this is generally the largest recurring fly-in that VATUSA holds. The last several events have seen hundreds of flights.The theme of the event is to put yourself in the drivers seat of an airliner, and "dispatch" yourself on a set of routes from our massive database of real world flights. All the charts and info you need are a click away. Try and beat the clock in the busiest skies you've ever seen on VATSIM.Dispatch yourself here: few pointers:1. New pilots tend to think this is an "LAX" event. It is NOT. You will see tons of traffic at every airport on the sign up page. LAX tends to get badly "mobbed" - and you may wind up in a gate hold or airborne hold for quite awhile. We have been getting as many as 200-300 operations into KLAX alone, and there's just no way to squeeze that many pilots in without metering the flow. Seriously consider giving traffic to the other airports. Don't think you'll somehow "miss out". We get 500-600 total overall operations, and every CTR, APP and TWR sector is hopping. You'll have more flying (fun) time if you guys spread the traffic around.2. KBUR Burbank (a Southwest "hub", as much as SWA hubs), and KSNA Orange county and KONT Ontario (big runways, major cargo/UPS hub) are great "relievers" for LAX - close to KLAX, so you will be in busy skies on the way in/out - and you'll get clearance alot quicker.3. To a lesser extent, the same applies to KSFO on the north side. San Fran will get plenty of traffic - consider using Oakland KOAK or San Jose KSJC. Both are within 30 miles of SFO.4. Two big VA's are already following thru on this and using Oakland, Las Vegas, and Reno for their participation in the event. So as I said, there will be traffic everywhere.5. If you're a VA Event Director, and want to organize a way for your VA to join, please consult one of these ARTCC Event Directors:ZLA Ben Eckerson - events@laartcc.orgZOA Dan Sprouse - dan_sprouse2000@yahoo.com6. Last Cal Scream we had so many pilots we basically "melted down" the main Roger Wilco server. This time we have added new RW capacity and are confident for stable quality voice service. BUT - I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR EVERY PILOT - REGARDLESS OF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION - SET YOUR ROGER WILCO TO USE THE "SLOW MODEM" CONNECTION SPEED. This is vital for workable RW connections. If your RW is set to a different speed - YOU become the channel "packet forwarder" - not the server. If you are running a firewall - it all falls apart as some packets wont make it through and you'll hear all this chatter as ATC and pilots try and sort out voice problems. Click "Adjust" and "Configure".Grab you Cal Scream flight now at the sign up link - and we will all see you at the ramps for an awesome event !Jim BartoshZOA Chief

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