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Martin Georg EDDF

November 29th, 2003: AS ZURICH AS IT GETS - 4 hours of ...

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November 29th, 2003: AS ZURICH AS IT GETS - 4 hours of real traffic at LSZHUnique Zurich Airport: An international hub, the Swiss door to the world with more than 700 movements day by day. In 2002, about 18 million passengers were counted on Switzerland's biggest airport. It's runway system using crossing runways, the narrow airspace at the border to Germany and the difficult topographical situation sets high requirements to both pilots and controllers.The Swiss airspace: An extremely high traffic volume is handled in a very tight airspace. Some of the most used airways leads through the Switzerland! Zurich-Kloten is situated in the middle of this airspace and accordingly high are the demands to all participants.The Swiss FIR, part of VACC-SAG, well known for former successful events, is planning a new event which is going to simulate this traffic volume! "AS ZURICH AS IT GETS" is a challenge for all pilots and controllers! The flight schedule is based upon the real timetable from October 14th, 2002, using the period between 1400 and 1800 local time.Swiss FIR is going to push the standards for events one step ahead: Tools which are specially programmed for the Swiss FIR are going to permit a smooth flow on ground an in the air, controllers will are going to work in different shifts. It is our primary goal to make "AS ZURICH AS IT GETS" an enjoyment to simulate the real traffic situation at an international airport during one afternoon. We are going to offer 115 long-, medium- and short-range flights in total.A crucial part of this project is the events website http://azaig.swissfir.org , at which you can start to book your slots right now. Furthermore, you will find all necessary information regarding ATC positions, procedures, charts and sceneries there. Be sure to check these info before the event takes place! OK, start booking your slots right now ... get ready for "AS ZURICH AS IT GETS"! Mark saturday, November 29th, 2003 from 1800Z-2200Z (19:00h-23:00h local) in your calendar. The SwissFIR team awaits you!Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFVACC-SAG PR & Events Coordinator *** mailto:sag11@vacc-sag.orghttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...r=SAG01&a=a.jpg

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