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  1. Hmm,I would hold my money. There 2 imminient shortcomings of this package catching my eyes:1. Nav-Database not updatable. The package uses MSFS default Navdata only2. No aircraft-specific performance data (fuel burn, engine performance etc.). Makes exact VNAV calculation and realistic performance management impossible.I would like to join the other posters and recommend Ernie Alstons ISG1 instead. It gives you a lot of nice gauges, extreme flexibility in configuration, and last but not least, great support coming directly from the author.Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  2. Hi Tom,I was suspecting that too, but I have explicitely disabled this feature. Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  3. Hello,I have a problem when downloading small files from the AVSIM library: From time to time an error message pops up saying: "Error 530: You may only perform 4 concurrent downloads at one time".Well, I understand that a load limiter is acting in the background, and I do not complain about theis. I only download one file at once. For me the problem seems to be that the website needs a lot of time to recognize, that my download has finished. I.e. I can download the first 4 files without problem, but then when trying to download file no. 5 the error message pops up. I have to wait about 3 Minutes before I can attempt the next download.One additional info: I
  4. Hello David!>Hi guys, im really thinking about joining as i would like to>up the level of realism and also have that human interaction.>My worries however are that as i have add on scenery, airports>etc then once on the ground, the airports wont line up. Ill>explain, if someone else appears at the same airport, but does>not have an add-on, then the parking positions wont align.>This i guess would be the same for the runway vectors? Yes, the problem exists, at least up to a certain level. The displacement between runways usually isn
  5. Hello,Edit: For some very strange reason, now ASX connects to FSX via Simconnect over the network. I swear I have not changed anything since yesterday :D . Perhaps the system just needed some sleep :) :) :).OK, now looking to solve a different porblem: The ASX log reports masses of "Exception received:16" messages. Will try the forum search to see if this was mentioned already. Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  6. Hi Carl,this is my SIMCONNECT.CFG file:[simConnect]Protocol=IPv4Address= is located on the client PC in the "My Documents" folder.Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  7. Hi Carl,>Do you see the marquee across the FSX window when you start a flight showing that ASX is providing weather data?Nope.>Do you have a local section in your SimConnect.xml as well as global under ?My SIMCONNECT.XML files loooks like this (I also own FSUIPC4 with WideFS):<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>SimConnectSimConnect.xmlFalseFalse IPv4global 645004096FalseFalseAutolocalYours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  8. Hello Carl,thanks for the speedy response. Yes, SIMCONNECT.INI is in the "My DocumentsFlight Simulator X Files" folder. And I can see ASX talking with FSX through the CMD dialog (this window is titled "SimConnect Diagnostic Output" on my machine). As I wrote, I assume that ASX and FSX are already talking (as ASX correctly identifies my startup location).Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDirector, VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD1) *** mailto:vateud1@vateud.org
  9. Hello Bob,sad to hear that you have had unfortunate results with FSX SP1. Of course the decision is fully up to you, but if you are interested, I can offer you my help to get you up and running with FSX and SP1. Unless you own a very old PC it should be possible to achieve a decent performance which would allow the Tinmouse II to run on FSX (just performance-wise).So, if you
  10. >The problem is that the Cheyenne has a problem with CTD's GPS-related),>and I've never been able to get an answer as to whether it's going to >be fixed/released.Hiya,while we will not comment on any release dates, generally I can assure you that we are still planning to fix those issues.Yours,Martin Georg/EDDFDigital Aviation Manuals
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