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Request for: real parts sources

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Hi Folks,I am a 747 classic home cockpit builder. In my cockpit, most of the parts are bought from eBay and some private deals with those sellers on eBay. Would anyone please give me some suggestion for where to get real parts for my 747 project? I just have few of the parts selling company (really few only), they send me a list with part number and name. They quote me a price which is.......$$$$$$$$. I think that is for airworthy condition. What i am looking for is some nice looking junk cockpit parts and instruments. I don't need them work well, but want they look nice. As I read thru this forum, I know many builders in here have this expertise. Would you guys kindly share this information please? My progess of the cockpit construction have been stopped for 2 months due to lack of new parts.These are the parts that I am looking for:1. The overhead panels (not the whole things, I need the subpanel)2. Triming panel pieces (the walls around the cockpit interior)3. Two flap indicators4. Glareshield5. Korry light buttons for main panels6. 2 N1, 2 FF7. Pedestal8. Pilot seatsI put the pedestal and pilot seat in the least priority since I am sure they are expensive. So i should concentrate on finishing other parts first.If anyone know where can I get these part in nice bargain, please let me know. Thanks a lot.regards,Alkit (from Hong Kong)

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