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Move your fs2002.cfg file to another area on your diskdrive. Restart FS2002, FS2002 will regenerate a new fs2002.cfg. See if this fixes your problem. If so, reset your joystick and other settings. If not, return your old fs2002.cfg to its original place.If above didn't fix your problem, what have you done recently to create this problem, e.g., install new drivers for sound, graphics, or controller chips, download new aircraft with new gauges, scenery, AI aircraft. If you can figure out what you did, maybe you can correct the problem.If it is a driver problem, you need to reinstall a previous driver or reinstall the new driver that is causing the problem.Lastly, you can install a new version of fs2002. Copy the present fs2002 folder to a new location on your harddrive and rename it fs2002OLD. Uninstall the present copy of fs2002 using Windows Add/Remove Programs menu. Reboot your computer, run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter. Reinstall fs2002 to the same location. Start fs2002 and see if it works correctly. If so, rename the new fs2002 folder to fs2002NEW. Copy folder fs2002OLD to the same location and rename fs2002. Restart fs2002 to see if it crashes. If so, rename it to fs2002OLD and rename fs2002NEW to fs2002. Restart fs2002 and make sure it works correctly.If it works correctly, you have several choices. Use the new version and install the updates you want or slowly copy the files from fs2002OLD until the problem occurs. In any case, make a copy of the present fs2002 folder and name it fs2002NEW so you have a base to return. Once you have it working properly, you can finally delete fs2002OLD and fs2002NEW.

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