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Quality verses Quantity in Design

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Hopefully I can state this opinion in a pleasant enough way so that flames will not be needed, but one never knows . After many years in this hobby and a fair amount of real world aviation experience I find myself in a quandry over aircraft design.I am often frustrated by the time and 'HYPE" needed to launch a final product by many of our truly fine design groups. I impatiently wait for their latest releases and find myself wondering "HOW" it can take so long - knowing full well why it does. The good thing being - I am almost always tremendously satisfied with the end product.On the other hand, GMAX has brought us an assortment of fair designers who work quickly and are very prolific. There is soon a veritable plethora of repaints of any project they turn out and many sing their praises to the 'Wild Blue". On occasion some of these quickies fly fairly well and somewhat resemble the aircraft they are based on. However - I can only think of one that has made it to my "keep" aircraft folder.My point in this rambling disertation is that I feel although there is a nitch for the quickie designer - perhaps too much praise is heaped upon their swelling heads - (Oops - remove the "swelling" as an unproven statement). Let us thank them for offering us interim AC while we wait for the real thing, and for providing the AI enthusiasts more eye candy for them to sit in their easy chairs and watch fly by. As for me - give me a detailed aircraft with an FD trueto the orig - even if it is a little hard to land - or a slow climber . Remember - this is just my opinion

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