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Guest RSmith

Suggestion for AVSIM Polls

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I would like to suggest a couple of polls, that may seem, at first glance, redundant or elementary. But, for me (and maybe a good proportion of members, these polls would be great information, providing an overview of simmer's setup's.I also acknowledge, that some of your commercial pay-ware patrons may not endorse these polls, as they may see the poll as a detriment to their sales effort (and for AVSIM, a threat to advertising revenue) ? I hope the overwhelming belief would be, however, that these polls would greatly serve the "membership", which is what AVSIM is all about - the simmers !1st - I'd suggest a poll that offers a comprehnsive list of "add-on" programs people use related to Flt. Sim. Not operating systems, nor base computer setup info. - but add-on simming software ! This likely would need to be MSFS specific, but limited programs that enhance simming enjoyment. Classify the add-on's into catagories like "Weather", "ATC / Flightdeck type audio enahncements", "Navigiation", "AI", "Mesh", "Flight Systems Monitors", "Aircraft Library Mgt." etc. Poll could have as many as 10-15 different catagories of add-on software, and some catagories, like "Weather"may have as manay as 4-6 different programs underneath - to vote on....., or more.2nd - Although discussed frequently in forum conversations - how about a poll that details "MSFS settings", with a breakdown or catagory for each of the prominent CPU / Video Card setups we most often see - like P4 - 1MgHz to 1.5MgHz with NVidia based card 64 megs. memeory, etc. Now, most "experienced simmers" will find this redundant. But, as I been simming since 1985, I'd find this information especially useful - in checking and testing some alternative settings for my sim enjoyment........Hope you may consider one - or both..... I'd love to see the results !Thanks,Ron SmithKORL

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