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VirtualUSA makes its AVSIM Debut

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[a href=http://virtualusa.lunarpages.com]VirtualUSA[/a], a virtual airline inspired by US Airways, is pleased to announce the availability of pilot positions for AVSIM readers. [a href=http://virtualusa.lunarpages.com]VirtualUSA[/a] has been in operation since May 2003, when it was created out of a lack of operational virtual airlines based upon a specific US air carrier. We have been growing slowly over the past few months, adding pilots here and there and generally enjoying a leisurly pace.Our goal is NOT to be the greatest VA ever designed - we don't look at virtual airline operations as a competition - we exist for the enjoyment of the pilot. We are designed to allow pilots of all skill and interest levels to fly in a structured environment, without heavy-handed oversight which some VA's have. You make your own schedule to fly, and do so at your own pace - no quotas here! Some basic flight requirements and a fast moving hours-based ranking system are in place to provide a framework to advance while enjoying! We feature a true-to-life schedule and some fictional routes as well. A state-of-the-art flight schedule tracking, requesting, and reporting system is in place.Visit our website and take a look around. If you like what you see, apply to take a quick checkride and testdrive of our system. If things go well, you could be on your way to a comfortable VA career in one of the greatest liveries available!-Greg Germ[a href=http://virtualusa.lunarpages.com]VirtualUSA Homepage[/a]

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