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Some things you have to know about Arabian

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This has been something that I just got wind of, and would like to send out a statement regarding this subject. This has been directly copied from my statement at the FSINN forums:Some things you have to know about ArabianI am beginning to hear that many people are starting to 'get annoyed' with Arabian, seeing that it has indeed changed logos and fleet about 3 times in its existance, while opening for only 4 months. I understand that is beginning to sound like certain charecters, but I assure you that is not how Arabian is. I have been working extremely closely with David Chesterman and Chris Meyle, and not to mention a couple of other people, to work out flaws and problems we have seen during those 4 months which Arabian was open last year. Through that, we've developed new ideas and timetables, and more efficient and attractive looking means of presenting ourselves and our ideals to the flightsim world. Furhtermore, we've developed new techniques and ideas behind the 'scenes' so to speak, which rooted out a lot of the problems we had. By January 1, 2004, Arabian will finally be open to the public after two long, hard, and at times, painful years of development. We've had to cope with the loss of many staff members, personal family tragedies, but at the same time, came out with a sense of understanding for what a VA really is and what it should be. If you go to www.arabian.ca.tc, you will see just how indepth we went into planning the final phaze of the VA out. We guarantee that Arabian is here to stay, and that there will be no shortfall in what we will have to offer for the flight sim community. For all those here, thank you for 'putting up' with the changes, as I assure you, they are nessecary, and not done because "we feel like it." I hope to get some feedback from many of you, as your opinions matter to me deeply...

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