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  1. Arabian Airlines Major Press Release November 24, 2007Queen Alia International AirportAmman, Jordanhttp://www.ArabianVA.com=========Arabian Airlines CEO Mahmoud Fadli announced the airline
  2. After a long, two-year hiatus, Arabian Airlines reopens its doors to the public.After two years of constant redevelopment following the catastrophic intermation server and website failure that led the airline to shut down its online operations, Arabian Airlines has announced that it has reopened its doors in what it calls
  3. Good news:http://www.arabianva.com/any-day-now-forums.jpgBut that's all we're saying. Stay tuned for more. Keep checking www.ArabianVA.com.
  4. Arabian Airlines Major Press ReleaseAugust 6, 2007 | Amman, JordanAmman, JordanArabian Airlines CEO Mahmoud Fadli, along with newly appointed staff and Webmaster James Norman, announced the latest developments in the continued preparation of the airline for operations. Below are the details.http://www.arabianva.com/images/beta-advert.jpgNew PiRep SystemAirline Webmaster James Norman revealed the basic details of the airline
  5. http://www.arabianva.com/images/arabian-insider.jpgAmman, Jordan
  6. Over the past few months Arabian Airlines has been waiting patiently for an automation system that was promised to us by a third party that has recently abandoned us. At this point, Arabian Airlines finds itself in the middle of a potential crisis. Without an automation system, databases, PiRep and Roster Systems, etc., the airline cannot relaunch.Thus we come to this community to ask for assistance, and we are gladly willing to pay for it. We have a completed front end website (php), webspace, domain, and the ability to create SQL databases on our own server. We have until June to get this airline operational. We ask that any experienced coder who wishes to help this airline please email me at makiATasquaref.com. We ask that those interested please, if possible, give us examples of their work. Below is a list of what we are looking for. --Mahmoud Fadliwww.ArabianVA.com
  7. Very cool! Arabian's had a blog for a while now... http://arbcorner.blogspot.com.Your blog is GREAT! =D I look forward to reading it on a regular basis.--Mahmoud Fadliwww.ArabianVA.com
  8. Phil,Thank you so very much for the reply. It means a lot to Arabian that a CEO of a well established and pioneering airline sees this potential in this company, and I am very touched by the kind words.Thank you very much, and we at Arabian wish you, your family, and your company a very happy new year and wish you nothing short of success in your endeavors.--Mahmoud FadliFounder, President & CEOArabian Airlines VAwww.ArabianVA.commaki@asquaref.com
  9. http://s190144658.onlinehome.us/Photoimage...ANY_UPDATES.JPGArabian Airlines Announces Website Template DeadlineAfter extensive negotiations with Web Designer Mike Charvez, airline CEO Mahmoud Fadli announced today at a press conference in Amman
  10. We should be opening soon, but until then:http://s190144658.onlinehome.us/Photoimage...ngs_ARB-700.JPGVisit www.ArabianVA.com for updates.
  11. Thanks for the comment! Arabian Airlines is actually about 5 years old, but had some bumps along the way. Our current website is located at www.ArabianVA.com. There you can download a copy of our TravelerMagazine (49 pages, PDF) and other things.Hope you enjoy!
  12. http://spthosting.com/arabian/imagesold/AR...der-AVSIMfs.JPGArabian Airlines Releases Website PreviewArabian Airlines CEO Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Fadli unveiled a preview of the Airline's up coming website during a general press conference during an economic summit in Amman.The website preview comes after eHamza.net Design, known before as Silent Sanctum Studios, sent a letter to Arabian Airlines saying that they would not be able to finish on time or within the next few months due to increasing demand for their services. When asked about the delays with eHamza.net, Fadli told reporters that "any unannounced delay is unacceptable, and to leave the airline pressing for updates when we have heard nothing from our developers even after an agreed deadline is intolerable."This edition of the Arabian Airlines website is an effort by Mahmoud Fadli and Western Virtual Airlines, with Fadli supplying a general layout of the website and Western's developers integrating the operation's scripting into the format given. Arabian Airlines has estimated that the format of the website will be completed by the end of the week and submitted to Western, who will then continue with the integration process.http://spthosting.com/arabian/imagesold/AR...iew-AVSIMfs.jpgReliabilityArabian Airlines has had a long history of losing its information due to its reliance on third parties for web hosting and other services.This new website, according to Fadli, will be on the Arabian server space, generously donated by Western Virtual Airlines, in use now for over 3 years. He told reporters during the press conference that he is "not worried at all" with regards to the website reliability, safety and security.Memories of last year's disappearance of the intermation Alliance, and along with it Arabian's website, operations database and other operational material, brought up questions to the safety of the airline's database. However, Fadli, in high spirits, assured the press that their new website will not be subject to a repeat of the intermation disappearance, and that "Western Virtual Airlines is a close partner of Arabian and has always supplied us with whatever we needed, whenever we needed it, and for that we are truly grateful."The new website should be completed within two weeks according to sources close to its development.
  13. More information to come. For updates, please visit http://www.arabianva.com/.In addition, visitors to www.ArabianVA.com can also view a copy of the TravelerMagazine for August 2006 by clicking on the proper link on the mainpage.http://spthosting.com/arabian/ARB-TD-GMMN-1.jpg
  14. I'd also love to get this addon too! My email is maki@asquaref.com. Brilliant work!
  15. http://spthosting.com/arabian/A6T-RELEASE-TRAV-PIC.jpgArabian Airlines Corporate HeadquartersAmman, JordanAugust 25, 20061840 Local TimeTravelerPressArabian Airlines, along with TravelerMagazine staff, is proud to announce the first release of TravelerMagazine to the public.In a statement during a press conference, airline CEO Mahmoud Fadli congratulated airline and magazine staff, saying that he "appreciated the airline's enthusiasm, cooperation, and hard work in the compilation of this magazine," and that he was proud of everyone involved. He further went on to say that "there is no doubt that we can safely say that no other virtual airline has ever come out with a publication of this size, and that even though we [Arabian] do not have a completed website or operations platform, have truly made an achievement, and hopefully a mark, on the virtual airline world."The magazine, 49 pages long and filled with details about the airline, as well as various articles about destinations and even politics, is the airline's first publication since it attempted to compile the pervious version of Traveler, ArabianMagazine, in 2002 - though those efforts were not as successful due to a lack of resources and staff.However, enthusiasm and motivation reigns high at Arabian despite the fact that their website and operation's platforms are suffering from massive delays from web designers who are struggling to cope with both real world, and virtual world, responsibilities.Despite that, airline CEO Mahmoud Fadli told the press that he was "confident that a website, along with an advanced operations platform, will be delivered soon," hinting at a possible preview within the next month.About TravelerMagazine(Taken from Traveler website, which is in the works)Traveler Magazine was founded on the notion that there needed to be a much more organized form of expression from the Middle East to the rest of the world, and a greater level of analysis to not only modern day events, but to the peoples and places in the region itself.Started by Arabian Airlines, a virtual airline with real world ambitions, TravelerMagazine has quickly begun to grow into a full-scale collective effort by Arabs and non-Arabs alike to bring to you not only an image of an airline, but an image of the Middle East that truly allows one to understand the region, the people, and the values they hold dear.Download August 2006 edition of TravelerMagazine: http://spthosting.com/arabian/TM-AUG-06-lowres.pdf (12.4MB).
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