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Snowsky Virtual Airlines

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Guest dennisaxen

During These Last Weeks Snowsky Virtual Airlines Has Been Doing Large Construction With The Aircraft,Website And Forums. We Have Added Some Panels To The Aircraft That Real Pilots Use For The Website Approch Plates For The Hubs And Better Graphics. We Currently Have Around 18+ Pilots At Our VA With Almost All Staff Positons Filled. There Are Two Positons Not Filled: Director Of Hub Operations And PHP,MySQL,HTML Webmaster. We Have Made Some Requirements And Extras For The Following Positons:--Director Of Hub OperationsSHORT JOB REQUIREMENTS- The Job of Director Of Hub Operations Is To Answer The Hub Directors Questions And To Make Sure That The Hub Director Is Working At Snowsky Standards. This Person Must Have Good Grammer And Can Communicate on MSN,ICQ And AOL And Other Messangers For Communication Of The Hub Directors. The Supvisor Of This Person Is Director Of Operations.-EXTRAS: The Extras That May Help In Your Application To This Positon Is Knowing Other Laungauges For The Translation Of The Hub Pages And Also If You Are A Real Pilot Or A Very Experienced VA Pilot.--PHP,MySQL,HTML WebmasterSHORT JOB REQUIREMENTS- The Job of PHP,MySQL,HTML Webmaster Is To Make The Website As Pro. And Most Best VA Website Out There. This Person MUST Know HTML,PHP And And Extra MySQL. This Person Will Take All Requests And Suggestions To The Website For All The Pilots And Staff. This Job Requires Alot Of Time About 7hrs A Week For Scipting New Automated Systems For The VA. The Supvisor Of This Person Is CEO,President And Vice-President.-EXTRAS: The Extras That May Help In Your Application To This Positon Is Knowing Java Or Any Other Scipting Laungauge That May Help The Website Look Better And Be More Automated.If you are interested In One Of these Positons Email chiefeo@snowsky.ca.tc . You May Visit Our Website, At www.snowsky.ca.tc . Thank you.

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