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After more than 10 years what has changed?

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Hi all of you and thanks for your great contribute to our flightsim community.I spent many years with flight simulators, I started with a really simple one for the Commodore64, then in the nice Tornado and in the end with the MSFS series (I m proud to say that i started from FS5.0).Now more than ten years are past. Hardware enhanchements and more complex files are givin us an unbelieveble graphical flightsim experience: soft and eye candy clouds, shining metal textures for planes, VCockpits and so on. In the end i feel I m always doin the same things i did with my old flightsimulators: going from one place to the other, tryin to keep my a/c on the route i planned, checkin the speed on the IAS to maintain the right speed for my fligth phase and so on. I think most of us are doin the same.Now in several months we'll get FS2004 and we'll do always the same things: checkin ur load, chekin ur speed, being at the correct FL for your route and so on.So what has really changed. Just the graphic? Just that planes now have shiny textures?But are we sure that the new version will have the things we really need? As a flightsimmer the only things I would like to see is an accurate simulation of systems and subsystems of the plane i m flyin with and the chanche to refresh, with new NAVAIDS DATABASE, the stock NAVAIDS DATABASE. Then if plane has shinin textures i don't think I would care that much, what i want is somethin more real than the simple click of 2 buttons to start my a/c. I know that many add-ons try to overlap FS lacks, but what's the cost for Microsoft to programme a liner with an added small jet engine to simulate the APU? Or what's the problem to add an FMC for the liners instead of the simple GPS, wich should be found just in the GA A/C? And in the end is the virtua cockpit so important for a flightsim experience. I must say that for me the 2D panel it's more than enough. I need a clear vision of the gauges when i need to take a decision in the flight envelop. In VC mode gauges are not so clear and they need longer to redraw. I m not a planespotter and the 90% of my flightsim time is spent lookin at the panel, readin the CHKLST or the APPCH CHARTS when i find some free one. Where's the time to spot at your a/c? Maybe it s because I m more stupid than other flightsimmers, but when should I look at the plane when airborne? There are so many things to care just bein in the cockpit, how can others find the time to pan around in the VC?I would have been HAPPIER to get a more complex machine to deal with, than to pan around in the VC and think "Oh nice, really beautiful". I would have prefered that planes would be able to spin, but most of the times you can achieve this after dealin for months with the .air file.I m not cryticizin without any aim: I would be happy if this simple mail could give me a better FS experience.From my point of sight I hope that Microsoft understands that FS is not just a tool for puppies. I m proud of lookin everyday to raise my aviation knoledge and most of the people out there are like this. I m always been faithful to my FS, more than to my woman and i think we wouldn t leave this nice simulator for anythin iin the world. But I think is time, and obviosly i talk for myself, to ask for something more. Not stunning graphic, but a more complex system to learn how to interact day by day. Hope this helps to change.So in the end what has really changed till now? My answer is that graphic improved much, but the simulation of weather, plane behavior, plane systems is quite the same of ten years ago.Hope this will steer in the opposite direction.Sorry for my english but i'm italian, thanks for your patience for readin that letter.Kind RegardsXAMIR

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