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Hello, I would be astonished if I were the only one that noticed how much simming costs. While there are a lot of outstanding quality "freebies" available, the lion's share of premium enhancements to the realism of our silicon skies takes cold, hard cash and lots of it. It might be a curious aside to see poll results of how much mercature virtual pilots have involved themselves in total on original software, hardware, upgrades, enhancements, etc. (I am not requesting one be taken). It would also be telling if the poll was broken down by years involved, but I digress. The reason for my post is a request of the Avsim reviewers (mainly the real pilots), real pilots of the sim community (a free trial is available) and anyone else to validate/invalidate the claims of Dirks Software. This type of enhancement is not just an "add-on," but an entire dimension of the whole experience, possibly exceeding the role of sound! It is not insignificant and needs to be critically evaluated. Please note this is not a criticism of FS Force or Dirks Software. I am pleased that they have turned the concept of non-generic tactile sensory feedback into reality, if indeed they have. Their website claims of: "Programmed by a real pilot using the latest in DirectX technology, FS Force will completely immerse you in the flight experience. You will literally feel what it's like to fly a real airplane!" ... engenders a keen interest in this possibility as I am using sims to gain as much functional knowledge as possible before attempting the financial mountain of real pilot training. At face value, the expense of FS Force ($35USD) needs to be considered, but if Dirks Software claims are valid, then the value is clearly seen, especially for the real-pilot "wannabees," like myself, and the hearing-impaired (consider what a new reality the latter would know if FS Force does what it claims). An additional expenditure for the "stick" required should be in the equation if one does not already possess one suitable to the task. OK, given the above missive, it should be easy to see that before sinking another substantial chunk of money (yes, $35 is substantial) into this simulated pilot training with the exponential disappointment that comes with repeated unrealized expectations promised, a methodical and critical evaluation needs to be performed. I have piloted a C152 once and a C172 twice in 20 years for a total of an hour-and-a-half. Obviously, I am not qualified to make this determination which is why I turn outward for help. I would be most grateful for feedback and somehow I don't think I am the only one that is interested. Thank you in advance to Dirks Software, the "Community" and Avsim. Respectfully,Calvin Waterbury PSIf the font is small and blue, I apologize but I do not know how to change it. If anyone does, please let me know and I will attempt to make it more legible.

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