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Tom Allensworth

You can feel the difference and I can find it!

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The flight dynamics of MS FS2002 aircraft range from terrible to great.What makes one aircraft fun to fly and the other be deleted after 20 minutes? The flight dynamics. Can that difference be measured and defined? You bet they can. If I could do it in real life for CAT truck, genset, industrial and marine engines, I sure can do it here for FS2002 aircraft and not even get dirty or air sick.Enjoy ... I will show you the difference in rudder performance and aileron response if you are interested. Right now we are working in the light GA area and if you need help on the flight dynamic of your new release, contact us.ThanksBob.. we r rsam@mtco.com ... and we only work for fun ... The thick solid lines are the results from the MS FS2002 Cessna 172. The colored in zones are from a 172 judged by the customers here to be VERY ACCEPTABLE. Keep your design in ligh GA aircraft in the green and blue zones and it will be a winner. ;-) The red lines are the g loading and the blue is the aircraft nose pitch ploted as a function of time on the X axis.

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