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Guest SIX

Do you fly HEAVY Long Hauls? Respond here.

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Guest SIX

I received an email from Mr. Jackson Harding from the "Land Down Under" about a HEAVY Airline. I will put my response at the end, as I don't have an email address for Mr. Harding because it came from the avsim forum domain and not directly from Mr. Harding.Message:SIX, Saw your message on the Avsim forums. You might be interested in Compass Airlines, an Australian VA I help run with two friends (they are both are traffic controllers, I'm an aeromedical person). Although we have a range of regional and domestic services the airline was set up specifically aimed at the long haul virtual flyer, with a wide range of flights for B767-300ER, B777-200ER and B747-400 flights, as well as a range of others.With our RL contacts we have a huge collection of plans, many taken directly from RL. We have no set feeling or rules about how realistic pilots wish to make their operations, we try and cater for all. If you want full on realism we'll help where we can, if you just want to fly and have fun, that's cool too.If your're interested then take a look at:http://www.compass-virtual.orgA lot of what you are looking for and talking about in your post is already on our site ;-)Cheers,Jackson HardingCEO Compass AirlinesEnd of Message_____________________________My Response:Hello Mr. Harding,Thanks for the great response. I love flying Australia. In fact, I had a roomate in college from Brisbane and I just flew into BBN from SSY for the first time a couple of days ago just to say I had done it;)Anyway, I agree that Compass Airlines is a great VA. I personally am not a member of a VA at this time, and probably would consider joining, but this new venture is going to take a lot of my time I would normally have. I enjoy being a "free agent", as well. In my signature, you see "FS GROUP" but that is just a few guys who like to regualerly fly together. I like your site, although it is a hard and slow load for a 56K (like me). You have plenty of good information for the Long Haul CPT however, there is one hitch. The website I am talking about needs to be global. I know that Compass will fly almost anywhere, however this organizational website needs to meet the need of the guy who is a satisfied member of United, Delta or Qantas as well as Compass. I really just want to bring everybody to the table here. But, if your reading this and want a good VA, man Compass is a great one with alot of data benifits such as plans and the such. Check them out.THanks for the response, and I look forward to working with Compass Airlines in getting this bird off the ground. We want to have "Continent Representatives", or people who can manage the data for any given continent and make suggestions that would make flying in a certian region more fun. It also helps that the person be from that area to know what is really going on. If you know someone in the Australia area who would like to sign on as a Continent Rep, please let us know.Thanks again,-----------Wilson HinesFS GROUPFlt Planning DirectorAOL IM: dal276wh

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