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FP Request: BAW 216 KIAD-EGLL

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Do not have BAW216, this flight plan from previous forum post.EGLL-KIAD (Heathrow - Washington) (FPL-BAW225-IS-B772/H-SXRWY/C-EGLL1805-N0482F340 DCT CPT UG1 STU UB10 CRK UN516 GIPER/N0475F380 UN512 LIMRI/M084F380 DCT 52N020W 51N030W 50N040W 49N050W DCT VIXUN/N0489F390 N114C-KIAD0724 KBWI KIAD-EGLL (Washington - Heathrow) (FPL-BAW222-IS-B772/H-SXRWY/C-KIAD2245-N0473F370 DCT SWANN V268 BROSS J42 RBV DCT JFK DCT PUT DCT EBONY N123A YAY/M084F390 53N050W 55N040W 56N030W 56N020W NIBOG/N0455F390 TADEX UN560 DUB UR14 STU UP2 NUMPO/N0354F230 Y3 NIGIT I also have a flight plan as filed by UAL918 KIAD.AML091.PALEO.V44.SIE.J121.SHLEP.J62.ACK..VITOL.N17B.CARAC.NATW.DINIM.NATW.GIPER.UN516.CRK.UL607.EVRIN.UL607.NUMPO.Y3.NIGIT..EGLL/0618UAL924IAD..SWANN.V268.BROSS.J42.RBV.J222.JFK..PUT..MIILS..STEAM.NATX.NIBOG.NATX.TADEX.UN560.DUB.UR14.STU.UP2.NUMPO..NIGIT..EGLL 6:10/B772

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