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WMO text file

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Hi Guys & Gals,I found a web site last night with a list of 15000 weather stations. I have taken the ones that show as have some sort of upper air measurements and made up a replacement wmo.txt file which is attached to this post.Please note I have not fully tested it but tried a local airfield in the UK and one in France. Both came up with the nearest upper wind.Please use at your own risk and remember to back up the old wmo.txt file just in case my files wont work in the areas you are flying in.There is just over 1400 stations listing in this file and while it came from a WMO file I can't be certain all still provide weather reports. Also there are no airfield ID's in mine. The WMO file did'nt list them and I wasn't going to look them all up just to see of any one of them also was at an airfield (sorry just not enough time).To Damien and co, please feel free to try this list out and if OK I have no objections to it being used in any updates etc. By the way did you see my post about the voice transmission suggestion?Rgds Ron

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