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Chris Willis

FSW: Clouds Performance And Fix For Fs2k4 Available Now!

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Hi,Theses files are only created to replace the original Fs2004 default texture for much better performance on clouds for lower mid and high system with all variation and many layers, fix the horizon at sunset and a darker night lights environment. These files do not meat FSW standard quality; they are only created to temporary fix some performance on clouds and fix.- You will notice better performance with clouds using detailed clouds even with many layers on lower mid and high system, but the clouds quality is reduced for better performance, the stratus are not affected in quality, still 10x better then the simple clouds option in fs2004.- Recommended to use the Ms Ultra High Setting in the DisplayWeather and move the clouds percentage to 100%- On High end computer system, you can try to increase the clouds draw distant slowly more then 40 mil and test the performance.- You will notice there will be no more line in the horizon at dusk/sunset when the sun sleeps.- You will notice darker environment at night and less brighter clouds at night. You should NOT see any clouds at night if you saw them this is neans, your monitor is have too much brightness, reduce it until the clouds contrast is gone.-A complete redone Weather/Environment is in progress from scratch with Fs Sky World 2004 for Fs2004. Like I change the weatherenvironment Fs Sky World 2002 for fs2002, you will see even better result in Fs2004.Available at FSW Web Site and Avsim: Read the Readme.doc Before!http://fsw.simflight.com/FSWFs2k4fix.htmlThanksChris WillisFSW GROUPClouds And Addons For MsFsThanksChris Willis[link:fsw.simflight.com/FSWMenuFsSim.html]Clouds And Addons For MsFs

Kind Regards
Chris Willis

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