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  1. HI, Are you using sp2 and vista? (Can I see a bigger picture)?ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  2. Hi, Try to change the water wave.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  3. Hi, You need to re install the suneffect.cfg file from fs9 cd, since the "other addon" replace it to a bigger size.suneffect.cfg file is in fs2004 main directory.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  4. HI Erv, yes it is "Landing Lights for Addons Aircraft" in XG and these are like default fsx intensity to works for aircraft addons, but the intensity is very low from the real air model (extremely dim), if your monitor is set too much low you wont see them. ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  5. Hi, it's in the server pack 1 on XG, see landing light for 3rd party addons, select these only.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  6. Hi, in fs2004 display, use 32 bit resolution not 16 bitThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  7. Hi, For 2, they are in uprise series for day sky, select these day sky color.For 1, I will let Jim reply to it.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  8. Hi Stu,The haze have been fixed with XG SP1 installed (if we are talking about the same things), install cirus overcast 4 or 5 in XG before and uncheck the cirrus overcast after to prevent overwrite, did you try it?for fex you should manipulate this on the tools.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  9. Hi, In the day sky, see smooth horizon and select it.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  10. Hi, Try smooth horizon in ASG that's came with active sky.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  11. Hi Steve,To prevent the "large body of white water " or milk haze this is generated from the lower visibility and this is how FS, use these effect since fs9.As for Asx and Fsx togheter without graphics, try to use minimum visibility surface about 30 mile, just test these and see the result in fsx, both maximum visiblity higher then 80 in ASX, these milk haze start with lower visibility in fsx.In XG graphics for FSX we provided a solution to fix this which is made compatible with ASX directly from now and future and alot more etc. If you want to use others graphics, it's with your own risk with compatibility.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  12. Hi Danon,In the readme of XG in SP1 it is writed HiFiXGraphicsRevisions.rtfby installing overcast 4 or 5, and after uncheck the cirrus overcast to prevent these to be replaced after.Haze FSX displays a haze effect to render visibility layer ceilings. When you are above this ceiling you will see a cirrus overcast texture which simulates the lower visibility haze. Some users may prefer a lighter/more transparent haze effect so we have provided two Cirrus Overcast textures (Cirrus Overcast 4 and Cirrus Overcast 5) with such lighter effect. This may improve the appearance of these haze layers especially when it intersects with mountainous terrain. To use these textures persistently, select and install Cirrus Overcast 4 or Cirrus Overcast 5, and after installation of textures, prevent Cirrus Overcast installation via the Advanced Options (uncheck the Cirrus Overcast item). This permits normal randomization/wx-influenced/manual selection of all other categories while keeping Cirrus Overcast locked as selected before the advanced option change.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  13. Hi steve,To prevent this you should had XG and in xg with SP1, install overcast 4 or 5 and uncheck cirrus overcast after in optionadvanced optionThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  14. HI Randall,The performance gain is probably the clouds layers limited and maybe driver but, since FS use less clouds layers then ASX.As for clouds, you should not have issue with 512x512 with dxt5, I use always this.Also defrag each week to keep your system optimized.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
  15. Hi Justin,Yes ignore the not recommended for 32 bit, it will works in 32 bit image mode.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-dev-sigbanner.jpg
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