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  1. Hi, please keep following the official forum thread since you posted the same question.
  2. FSX use cirrus files and cumulus01 files only, all others are not used, as for the cloud looking, you have to change texture set , there is stratus, cumulus and wispy, individually and these can be related to metar as well how they will look, the gray/dark are related to the sky set and shade, shade are 3rd party addons that modifie the light on clouds and things like this, if you did not install it, it is ok. At dusk and dawn, the dark and gray will remain there, fsx lightning system.
  3. Hi, Are you using shade? The dark mixed with white clouds can be amplified with shade used, Also using As2012 day sky set will not have this at day time. FSX North Pole clouds get shrinked, this is normal FSX issue.
  4. Depend on the texture used, you might get different result. For texture it's probably the stratus only, try to use these 01 Cinema, 07 Drift, 12 Shell, 24 SP2 Compact, stick with one stratus set, if you are using wx influenced, they will get changed again, they must be disabled on the wx influenced to get constant stratus sets. Please notes As2012 was not working like ASN, We are working on the second phase for ASN separately which will unlock many feature and bring ASN to his highest level on depiction and graphically merged together.
  5. ASE was released before As2012, ASN is the newest and complete different then previous wx engine released.
  6. Official HIFI Forum are here and the status of ASN have been updated. As2012 is huge in download, if no graphics needed , ASN is the one.
  7. HI, this is the stratus can set it to 0 slider to prevent it. the stratus layers is the flat formation in fsx.
  8. HI, Are you using sp2 and vista? (Can I see a bigger picture)?ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  9. Hi, Try to change the water wave.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  10. Hi, You need to re install the suneffect.cfg file from fs9 cd, since the "other addon" replace it to a bigger size.suneffect.cfg file is in fs2004 main directory.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  11. HI Erv, yes it is "Landing Lights for Addons Aircraft" in XG and these are like default fsx intensity to works for aircraft addons, but the intensity is very low from the real air model (extremely dim), if your monitor is set too much low you wont see them. ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  12. Hi, it's in the server pack 1 on XG, see landing light for 3rd party addons, select these only.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  13. Hi, in fs2004 display, use 32 bit resolution not 16 bitThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  14. Hi, For 2, they are in uprise series for day sky, select these day sky color.For 1, I will let Jim reply to it.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com
  15. Hi Stu,The haze have been fixed with XG SP1 installed (if we are talking about the same things), install cirus overcast 4 or 5 in XG before and uncheck the cirrus overcast after to prevent overwrite, did you try it?for fex you should manipulate this on the tools.ThanksChris Willishttp://www.hifisim.com