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  1. THANK YOU JET! Quick responses are always nice! Thank you for your help! So here are the pictures: Did that work? SO sorry if it didn't... Ill try again. I moved computer specs into my profile... Understandable by AVSIM. I actually do have ADE... I know how to do simple thinks like adding gates. Ill dig deeper into the books and figure it out with the bridge. Ill let you know if I need help.. thanks! Just needed to be pointed in the right direction! Cheers! MERS
  2. Hey folks, First of all, I’m new to all of this so I apologize in advance if I don’t understand or say something silly. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum section! Had a friend who set up my simulator but I came across some minor issue. He won’t help :( To help you folks out, here are my specs: Windows 7 Professional 64bit (but I think the simulator runs 32 bit???) Intel ® Core I5-2500K CPU 3.30GHz – the friend overclocked it to 4.3ish I think. 16 GB of RAM NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked 2GB GDDR5 7010MHZ 1085MHZ HDMI DP 2xDVI SLI Graphics Card – Haven’t overclocked it yet I install many standard afcad files to help with the my UT2 traffic. No special Airport scenery tho... just afcad from avsim. I try to keep everything consistent. However I do have Ultimate Canada, Europe, and USA installed. Let’s get started, This issue is noticed in the top down view. When zoomed in close - all is perfect… zoom out a little and these color marks start flashing everywhere, I panic and zoom out a little further - and it’s all perfect again. Any ideas? Any solution? (I was gonna add a picture but not allowed too i guess, or can i?) Next, Lately while flying a few long haul flights across the pond; it seems like the whole world isn’t being loaded properly. The blanks have been in different locations every time but always the in the area of the destination. The blanks are huge areas covering 1/12th of the world... like a pie section. So I reboot the flight sim… and BOOM it’s gone. Little annoying! Any ideas? Any solutions? I tried to flying into it once, no scenery, no ground, no fun, cranky pilot! Next, I have an EDDF afcad installed with a slight problem. Some fella on flight sim decided to construct a bridge on a taxiway… I’m sure he didn’t have a building permit. I wish I could ask him to remove it but I can’t talk computer. So ya… any idea on how to remove this bridge? I tried raising this scenery in the library… but nope. The bridge is being stubborn. It could just leave it there but… it’s annoying to go off-roading with an airbus! (or just slew past it). Does this all make sense? I tried to add pictures but no luck! Could it be my graphic card? the RAM? the entire computer? just me doing wierd things? Anyways, all ideas and help are greatly appreciated! Cheers! Happy easter! MER MERs!