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My first perfect flight (with settings and ini file)

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HI I wanted to post the settings I used in order to get my first ideal seamless pseudo-perfect flight using AS2004.5 B163I experienced smooth sailing/transitions from KCLE to KPHL at 11000' in FSDs Cheyenne, using USA Roads and FSGenesis Landclass US and freeware USA 70 meter mesh. Very nice combo. Used Chris's clouds (FS Sky World 2004, my choice), 100%(P4-2.4G wt 1G RAM, ATI 9800 pro)WX = 20041218-13Z from HiFiAt first, I was getting pitot freezings, instant vis changes, and pop-ins of various new cloud scenarios., etc...So I disabled TAF and online updatings, and disabled ice, this seems to stabilize things for beginners like myself.I would actually suggest that these settings I am about to suffix here be used as defaults for beginners before tweaking to your own delight, as these will cause the less dissapointments, but maybe a little bet less realism although not noticeable............In FS9 : -100% clouds 40 miles cloud vis, 60 miles terain-Using FSUIPC4.11 (unregestered in my case)-Render to Texture is OFF-Load situation, clear all weather with FS9 Weather option AND then with FSUIPC-In FSUIPC, set weather minimums.-Start AS2004.5-Load desired wx as desidred if required.These are my settings from the ini. file://AS2004.5 configuration file B163[General]WindowPosX = 19305WindowPosY = 1530DefaultWeatherFolder = SuppressionCeiling = 4000SurfaceWindLimit = 10CloudLayerLimit = 4LocalSuppressionRange = 100MinimumVisibility = 1MaximumVisibility = 30LastPlanFolder = IncreasedWake = FalseDisableWindsAloft = FalseForceTstormsWithCB = FalseAutoConvertPlanFiles = TrueDisableVisGraduation = FalseForceDestinationWeatherZone = TruePreventIcing = TrueOnlineUpdates = FalseExtendedDestinationWindsForce = FalseGlobalWrites = FalseDepictFS9HazeLayer = FalseExtendTstormLayers = FalseDisableDirectWindControl = FalseVoicePlayback = FalseLocalSuppression = TrueStartupSound = FalseDisableGroundUpdates = TrueUseProxyServer = FalseFogLayerGeneration = TrueUpdateSuppression = TrueOvercastEnhancement = TrueIgnoreFSReadyStatus = FalseFSUIPCWindSmoothing = TrueLimitSurfaceWinds = TrueLimitCloudLayers = TrueAutoGlobalWriteToggle = TrueRainWithTS = TrueDisableUpperLayerGeneration = FalseVisibilitySmoothing = TrueDisableMessages = TrueAutoTimeZoneDetection = TrueUpdateInterval = 10VATSIMData = FalseZuluConversion = -4AloftPredictability = 75WindDriftRate = 15TAFProcessing = FalseEnforceVisibilityLimits = TrueWakeTurb = FalseStartPaused = FalseUseSystemTime = TrueDisableCAVOKClouds = FalseProxyAddress = NONE

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