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Hi,I asked about this under the ASV announcment thread but that one is getting a bit off topic, so I'll put it here.Down here in Australia it seems that AS2004.5 is unable to use many of the Wx stations that VATSIM can. That is, I can get Metar data from VATSIM in many different locations but AS2004 doesn't use those stations, it generally goes to one which is a long way away.The answer seems to always be a lack of stations down here and vast distances between them. But if VATSIM can get metars for these places, why can't active sky?Can anything be done with the current version to improve this? Has anything been done with the new version to improve this?Is there any way we can have smoother changes in the wx when switching bwteen stations a long way away from each other? For example I just took off from Perth for Adelaide and had initially winds at 190/40 from the YPPH station which was fine (but I was expecting a tailwind on this leg as is almost always the case in real life). But when I drew close enough to the YPKG station the wind just sudden switched around to 313/67. Not very realistic at all.If this has been fixed in ASV, I might consider buying it.ThanksGreg

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Hi Greg,We have added many stations worldwide. Not sure how many in Australia. The problem is that our data sources are different.Winds should be smoothed at 5deg/sec. Are you getting faster changes than this? If you have the registered version of FSUIPC you can even reduce this even more.Please let us know!Hope this helps,JimActiveSky Sales and Support

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