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Hi,I just want to inform the Hifi team of a problem with overcast conditions depiction.I made a flight today (TO at 1300Z) between PASX (Soldotna) and PAYA (Yakutat) with weather stations along the way reporting overcast conditions at low altitudes (003 to 030).During the flight at FL300, I had only a thin layer of clouds just above the ground: this layer was localized under the aircraft, say within a radius of 10 NM) and remained there (it was moving with respect to the ground, but remained fixed under the aircraft). The rest of the sky was clear: this is not very realistic.Just to be sure, I made the same flight just afterwards with FS9 and ASV6, and the ground was invisible: the clouds were extending to the horizon.I fly with cloud coverage radius of 70 NM in FSX and 90 NM in FS9.On that point, there is a regression from ASX to ASV6, but besides that, I am very happy with the combination FSX/ASX/ASG : the weather environment has definitely improved, without hit on the FPS.Thanks for your afforts and for your answer !Alain

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