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Different Altimeter readout.

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Hi AllSeveral times prior to arriving at my destination I bring up the FSX ATC to get the latest weather and active runway and I have found that the Altimeter reading from the ATC differs from the Altimeter reading which ASX indicates for the destination airport.Case in point arriving at London CYXU ATC indicates Altimeter reading is 29.91 and the ASX Dest. reports Alt. 30.08.When checking Alt. setting in my aircraft after landing it indicates 29.91 not 30.08.I placed a check mark for FS to lock onto closest airport which was CYOW my departure airport.When I arrived at CYXU I brought up the ASX map and saw that the check mark was still there but so was CYOW in the map mode.When I clicked onto the report section of the program it immedicately switched from CYOW to CYXU.Just wondering why there is a differenct between the ATC Alt. reading and ASX Alt. reading.Hopefully this is not to confusing.Kenny G.

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