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  1. Tks. for the replys all:)First time for an Easter Egg.Kenny G.
  2. >Hi All>>Just landed at Fulton Co-Brown Airport KFTY in Georgia, and>was wondering what that blue object in the Pic is.>It is located just north of Rwy 08 and appears to be a blue>ships Haul upside down.>Tks. for any replys.>>Kenny G.Forgot to upload the pic.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/182973.jpg
  3. Hi AllJust landed at Fulton Co-Brown Airport KFTY in Georgia, and was wondering what that blue object in the Pic is.It is located just north of Rwy 08 and appears to be a blue ships Haul upside down.Tks. for any replys.Kenny G.
  4. Hi AllThis has probably been asked many times and answered, but how do you get the birds included in your scenery.Tks for any comments.Have a Merry Xmas Everyone:)Kenny G.
  5. Hi JimI have turned Virtual stations On and I can not reproduce the Exception 14 Received.I also tried turning off and still no Exception 14.It appears to be working O.K. no error massages on the download page.Tks. for your support.Kenny G.
  6. >Hi Kenny,>>The second message is normal, the first is not. Do you have>Virtual Stations On or Off?>>Thanks,>Jim>>Tks. for your reply Jim.I did have Virtual Stations checked along with Depict Hurrican and enhance Route Coverage.I unchecked Virtual Stations and again rebooted FSX and the above exception was not displayed.I did a flight with both Virtual Stations checked and also unchecked and I can not get the Exception Received 14 to reappear.Should I check or uncheck Virtual Station.Tks. for any comments.FYI I did a short flight from London CYXU to KERI at a low flight level of 5,000 and no wind shift experienced during the flight.Have a safe one.Kenny G.
  7. Hi AllJust installed SP2 for ASX and notice two entries after FSX is opened. These entries are seen on the download page of ASX as follows."Exception Received 14" and beneath these two entries is another entry stating: Reinforcing initial Depiction.Havn't had a chance to do a flight yet but everything appears to be O.K.Just wonder if the above entries are normal, I can not remember those entries prior to installing SP2.Tks. for any comments.Kenny G.
  8. Good Morning J.D.My last two flights which I have generated with FSBuild ,when I reach the approach ATC I am given the request to contact aproach, at CYUL Montreal, then I receive no further communication after that.The approach freq. is placed in my Comm 1 radio by Otto but there is no further communication.All radios prior to approach work as advertised.I have appended a Pic of my RC Radio log with this post.Tks. for your support.Kenny G.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181229.jpg
  9. >It would probably be more realistic (and maybe more fun) to>ask RC for the full approach and then follow the approach>chart. My home airport (KONT) has a high MSA, so that's what I>do. Otherwise RC takes me so far away from the field on>downwind that I move out of range of the localizer!Tks. Josh for your reply.Actually this happened twice and like yourself I did the full approach the first time this happened.When it happened the second like I mentioned in my previous post I just let it fly the downwind for 28 miles at which time it finally got the instructions to turn the base turn.Being from Ontario Canada we do most of our flying in the Toronto area and the altitude above sea level does not go much beyond 1,000 feet.I was in uncharted waters when I took a trip into the Salt Lake, and Las Vegas area and had never been to an area with the MSL above 4,000.Happy simming.Kenny G.
  10. >if the msa is higher, then the downwind is going to be>longer. i won't descend you below the msa>>jdTks. J.D. for the quick response.You are correct the MSL I believe is around 4,000 feet at KPVU.Tks. for the great product.Just have to learn to be more patient. LOL:)Kenny G.
  11. >follow the directions on the top of the forum, and create a>.log>>be sure to click debug BEFORE loading the .pln>>then duplicate the error, and send me the .log>>jdHi JD.I believe I may not have just waited long enough to wait for the instruction to make the base turn.I just did a flight from KLAS to KPVU and I was expecting to get the instructions for the turn at 17 to 18 miles downwind.I let it continue on the downwind leg and at 28 miles I then got the instruction for the turn.I guess I just have to be a little more patient.I have noticed that most times I do get the turn instructions after about 17 miles but there must be some approaches thattake you further downwind.Tks. for your response J.D.I just need a little more patience.Have a safe one.Kenny G.
  12. Hi AllI have done numerous flights using FSBuild to generate a flightplan.I did a flight from San Diago (KSAN) to Las Vegas (KLAS).On this particular flight I had Otto flying the aircraft and was cleared for the approach rwy 25R.I was given a heading which took me on the downwind leg to Rwy 25R and was expecting to get a heading for the cross wind at about 17 Miles East of the airport, but nothing happened and the plane kept flying with no further instructions.I the requested an IAP approach and flew the approach myself, with the usual congratulations.The same problem occured several days ago on another flight during the downwind leg.When doing a streight in approach, It appears that the instructions given by approach to Otto works as advertised.It appears to be just the downwind leg where I am not getting the croswind heading.Tks. for any assistance.Kenny G.
  13. Hi AllStrange problem.The way I set up a flightplan is generate FP from FSBuild which generates a plan with the extension .pln.Boot up ASX and select the flight plan and enter it in the briefing menu.Boot up FSX and click onto the Flightplanner and load the FP.I have generate hundreds of flight plans using this method with no problems.Today I generate a flight plan from Vancouver British Columbia to Lax.When I clicked onto the flightplan when in the Flight planner for FSX it would not recognized the flight plan with the departure airport CYVR (Vancouver).I could generate flightplans using CYVR as the destination airport, but not as the departure airport.I tried numerous plans which I have loaded in the FSX file with no problems.Has anyone else experienced any problems with CYVR as the departure airport.I could manually select CYVR and KLAX and it would generate a flight plan, just wouldn't generate the plan from FSBuid.Any comments appreciated.Kenny G.Vista Ultimate, Duo Core Nvida 7950 Acceleration.
  14. >Hi Kenny,>>If you notice this happening again, please read and report>what server this is from. It will either say primary or>secondary.>>Thanks!>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Just one more question JimWhere do I find which server it used to download the weather.Kenny G.
  15. Tks.for the reply Jim.Will check and report as requested.Kenny G.
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