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I got a new pc. FS9 runs fast and smooth.There's one disappointing graphic problem, which may be due to ASG.Whenever I fly through clouds (at 512x512 setting), I get this banding effects with tinges of grey/purple hues. It's like flying through a layer cake. Sometimes even the sky is layered at sunrise/sunset.I suspected this to be due to the Moire effect- when you move one grid against the other, you get this neat visual effect. I thought that the ASG cloud pixels were were clashing against the monitor pixels, if I can use layman's terms.My monitor is a Samsung 931BF LCD 19", graphic card is GeForce 8600GTS 256MB.My old Zenith analogue 17" CRT screen showed the AS clouds really gorgeous- not a pixel in sight.So I played around with FS9 display settings, ASG setings, different clouds, but still the same banding effect.Then I switched back to the default fs9 pre ASG clouds, and the banding is almost gone. Of course, the great ASG clouds were gone too!Any ideas how I can deal with this problem. I don't want to give up on the ASG clouds or skies.Eytan Ornstein

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Hi,I think what you are seeing is the banding effect that comes from an LCD. I know I seee some on mine and more than on my CRT. You do want to make sure you are running everything in 32 bit color and that your video drivers are up to date.Yes, at dusk/dawn you can see this more. Maybe a screen shot would tell me more. E-mail may be better: Then you don't have to worry about the size as much.Thanks!Jim

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