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Bell 206 engine goes out after 2min flying

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Remember that the batteries have no effect on whether the engine is going to continue running or not, at least for FS. Also, given that the generators are running in real life, the batteries should still have no effect as the engines are not electrically powered.However, in FS, the generators are not simulated to the point that they could effect the fuel pumps, etc..I think you may be trying to takeoff with a throttle that is not set to flight condition. The control in the helicopter that allows the helicopter to lift off is not the throttle, this is known as the collective or rotor pitch control. I'd suggest trying to top-out the throttle before flight by pressing Ctrl-F4. Throttle that is too low, or excessive rotor pitch (demanding more torque than is available), may cause dangerously low rotor RPM and excessive flapping.Tell me if this helps out :)

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