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Guest Javis

DC-3 repaints OY-BPB update

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Guest Javis
http://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB030vignet.jpgBeautiful Danish OY-BPB will be the next iteration of our DC-3/C-47 line featuring photoreal texturing and lots of cosmetic enhancements a.o. a pair of brand new Twin Wasps,new prop blade hubs,reworked exhausts, airflow fairings underneath the mid wing section, better tailwheel 'sit',new hsurf texture mapping to properly allow D-Day striping and camo painting, modern antenna set (vintage will still be available as well for this upgraded model,not to worry :( ), anti-static wires on control surfaces,3 and 4 abreast pax seat configs,poly and vertex refitting where needed,etc and so on.This forthcoming OY-BPB model and its derivatives will probabely be more suitable for RW repaints, civil and militairy alike.I will take care of a KLM machine ( maybe 2/3 in various liveries )and the BBMF C-47 in current livery myself. Nuff said i guess. Here's a couple of preview screenshots of OY-BPB. I still need a week or so to finnish the external details and texturing and refurbish the internal model. http://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB020.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB021.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB022.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB023.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB024.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB026.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB027.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB025.jpghttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...PB/OYBPB030.jpgAs you can see this last piccie is editted a bit.Would be great to have that typical, always very impressive looking gleaming sun glint come bouncing off of the spinning props one day in FS too,wouldn't it ! Working on it but to not much avail yet but i'm sure, just like we've got reflection and specular highlights for some time now, we'll get that awfull nice looking spinning prop glint somehow, one way or the other, as well. I bet it'll make for a huge grow in the FS proplover department !In closing some further artyfarthy edit stuff just for the heck of it:baksteen(brick)http://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...030baksteen.jpgplastikhttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...B030plastik.jpgpsychotichttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/civilDC-...BPB030psyco.jpgI guess that should be enough for today *:-* Best regards,Jan

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