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What is "dc3_ual_medium-Y.mdl"?

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Medium model without yokes in VC. Used to be an option, but MAAM-SIM discontinued it at the time through lack of apparent interest i.e. no one ever commented on it. However, I have more recently made a 'fix' for later models to enable this removal, using a graphic solution rather than an alternative model configuration. See our 'Enhancements' page at www.maam.org/maam_sim.htmlMarkMark "Dark Moment" BeaumontVP Fleet, DC-3 AirwaysTeam Member, MAAM-SIM[a href=http://www.swiremariners.com/cathayhk.html" target="_blank]http://www.paxship.com/avsimlogo.jpg[/a]



Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont

VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways

Team Member, MAAM-SIM

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