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Guest ChristopherT

Mars Express Rover

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Guest ChristopherT

For those of you that don't get over to the main forum (http://orbit.m6.net/v2/boardtalk.asp)I wanted to tellpeople here about some of the things that have beengoing on. :) TomPA's Ariane5 (Here on Avsim.com) provides the core... Jgrillo2002 released his Ariane5 MEP add-on (Here on Avsim.com) Gazza released an update to the Ariane5 MEP (on the main forum) Foxtrot released his Gusev Crater scenery (on the main forum) Ales released his MER Spirit Landing add-on (on the Moonport forum) Gazza released a MER Spirit rover (on the main forum) So, with a little hunting around we now have the ability to dothe entire Mars Express operation from Take off at Cape Canaveralwith a Delta 2, or Kourou with an Ariane5. At the other end wecan re-experience the "Six Minutes from Hell!" and try our handat getting Spirit down in one piece. Have fun! Christopher Tarana

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