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Learn To Fly Orbitersim :: Classes Start Soon

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The United Aeronautical & Space Flight Organization is looking for 10 people to begin an intensive training program. Completion of the program allows participants to become an Astronaut for our virtual space flight operations. No experience is necessary. All areas of Orbiter will be covered as well as basic physics and basic concepts of space flight. The program will be conducted as an online self-study curriculum. All persons are expected to complete the program within 60 days. Check out our video to see just what we do. Go to www.gouaso.org, and give the video a min. or so to load.The Rules:You must be 18 years old to be accepted into the program. Please note age waivers are issued on a case by case basis for applicants between the ages of 13-17. If you are between 13-17 years of age, please send an email to: mnowaczewski@gouaso.org to inquire about receiving an age waiver.You are not allowed to operate for any other virtual space agency while participating in the UASO.We will be taking applications from April-28-2006 through May-31st-2006.We will review applications, conduct interviews, and select the top ten most qualified applicants. However, we will be accepting an additional 5 applicants to act as reserves. Eventually these five individuals will be commissioned to active duty status.We will hold applications on file for 90 days.How To Apply: You must send an email to mnowaczewski@gouaso.org with your resume. (Include basic information with relative experience, both real world or within sims. I.E. Virtual Airlines

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