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Hi abc,Dare I suggest you read the included readme.txt file in the zip archive?Extract:5. Q: Okay, how do I make a new Splash Screen? A: Again, pretty simple. Just take a screen shot or find a nice picture you would like to see on startup. Make sure that it is saved at an 800x600 pixel bitmap (.bmp) file. It must be a 16-bit (555 format) .bmp file so you will need to use either Imagetool.exe (avilable from Microsoft) or DXTbmp (available from Martin Wright) to format the file to 16-bit (555).6. Q: I have created my new Splash Screen, now what do I do? A: Place the new image in the UIRESSplashScreens directory of FS2002 and the randomizer will now be able to select it when you start up FS2002 using the randomizer's icon.Mike :-wave

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