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Two Flights Done - Pure Enjoyment - One Small Issue

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Hi,Well I finally got a chance to do a couple of test flights in the 200LR. My test flight route is always CYYZ-CYUL and back. Short and sweet but enough distance and time to get used to the aircraft, it's systems, etc., pausing now again to read the flight manual and read some of posts here with regards to proceedures and issues.For example, on route to CYUL, I found that I had no landing or taxi lights, and my Com1 radios would not change. I reloaded the aircraft from the FS9 default flight as suggested before preparing for the return flight, and everything was in order. All in all, I really enjoy this aircraft....job well done. I have no issues with performance, nice and smooth for the most part, decent framerates with weather up and cloudy conditions, Overhead Panel, FMC, and Throttles undocked and moved to my second monitor. Although I haven't done a flight in VC mode yet (thats' tomorrow morning...can't wait) switching the VC while in cruise did not impact performance at all after the graphics fuly loaded.....which was pretty quick.Is it perfect? Nope...nothing is. I haven't owned anything that's perfect yet. But I can say that it has met my needs so far, and that I'm looking forward to the next flight. That I think says it all for me.The only small issue that I have, and it's been mentioned in previous posts I believe, is that ILS course and frequency for the arrival airport is PARKED in the NAV/RAD page (showing freq/crs-mls PARKED), but the ILS course and frequency for departing airport shows in the APPR/REF page. This happened for both flights. No big deal, but if I'm doing something wrong, I would like to know.Lastly, I would love a real world 777 pilot to post their general proceedures for approach and landing addressing speed/flap settings it relates to weight. I remember years ago Eric Ernst did this upon my request when the PIC 767 first came out. It was interesting and helpful for I know that specific airlines have their own proceedures for flying the aircraft on top of POH. Recently, I've received this type of info for my Aeroworx B200, and my 737NG. It enhances the overall understanding the least for me.Thanks PSS...pure enjoyment so far,Lawrie

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