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Running Windows XP SP2, FS 9.1 . . .I have PSS Insert in my PSSNavdata folder as per instructions. Origbackup and Import folders are created. The latest 0511 download I just got from and placed the two downloaded PSS files from the zip into the Imports folder.Now here is the problem . . . .Upon opening PSS Insert I click the button to insert new procedures into the ORIGINAL PSS procedures (that is what the readme specifically says to do).Almost immediately, two files are created -- PSSSID.dat.bak and PSSSTAR.dat.bak -- okay so I understand these are backups . . . no problem there.The problem is my regular PSSsis and PSSstar files are not created. There DID appear a psssid.dat . . . and then the PSS Insert program seemed to hang. I didn't touch it, though. I left it for a good 30 minutes and came back to check on it. Still looked the same.Figuring it hung, I clicked on it and it said "Not responding" Wow, okay, no problem again, so I closed out the program using the usual windows end task command.Now here's the real kicker. I went to pull the original backups I had in my backup folder and when asked to overwrite, it said the PSSsid file I was trying to replace was 2.6 GB's!!! I stared at it for a moment, making sure I wasnt seeing this wrong, but I was correct. The main file should have been around 12 MB's, and in the time I let the installer sit there it swelled the PSSsid file to over 2 GB's?There has to be something I am specifically doing wrong here, as I see no other reference to this problem on this forum, so can someone here please tell me what I am doing wrong?Again my procedures precisely were:-->Download 0511 from>Download PSS Insert from>Unzip contents of PSS Insert and place the EXE file into D:Flight Simulator 9pssNavData-->Ran PSS Insert -- it created the two folders described in the readme.-->Closed PSS Insert-->Copied my original pssstar and psssid DAT files into the folder OrigBackup-->Copied the downloaded 0511 procedures to the folder Import-->Ran PSS Insert-->Clicked to insert new procedures into ORIGINAL PSS procedures-->Watched as bak files were created-->Came back 30 mins later to a 2 GB and growing file being created.I hope I described the steps I took well enough . . . . I am terrible at typing.<> - To add that I am using v1.2 of PSS Insert . . sorry about that.Now can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?<>PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!Steps taken:-->Re-skimmed this forum a second time and found a thread that was about a version 1.0 problem that sounded almost just like mine (only without the huge file being created)-->Attempted the fix by moving my ORIGINAL pss navdata files into my Imports folder and the Downloaded 0511 files into the OrigBackup folder-->Ran PSS Insert, clicking the same button (Insert into ORIGINAL files)SUCCESS!!!I do not know how I missed that thread before, but I am leaving this post of mine up as a step-by-step better description as to how to cure the issue for future readers :-)

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