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Dark Moment

Oh no! I am found out! Woe is me!

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Christian Noetzli of Switzerland is quite a fellow. After downloading the "Red Arrows" in REDPACK7.ZIP, he subsequently downloaded REDSHOTS.ZIP, my collection of spashies packaged to brighten up any aerobatic aficionado's morning. And what did he spot? Following aircraft in the mirrors!! "Aha", he said, "that clever Dark Moment has made a montage to fool us all. But I'll check anyway...." So he wrote to me to ask whether, indeed, he should be seeing "Reds" aircraft in the mirrors or whether it was a trick of the light? To which I shamefully replied "Yes ... indeedy!! For I did fiddle with Kari Virtanen's files and add a couple of the formation fleet up yer blurter, but then, being a wally, uploaded the old file by mistake in REDPACK7.ZIP! You are right, O flyer from the land of cheese and chocolate! You are missing a gauge!"So when I upload an small upgrade to REDPACK7.ZIP in a couple of weeks, the new gauge will be there, for those who do not read this forum. But for those of you who must have it NOW, you can download it from: just put the enclosed CAB file, as it is, into your FS2002/GAUGES folder. You may safely overwrite the one that's there now, as if you don't like the new mirrors, you still have the original backup gauge on your system. Just read the documentation that came with REDPACK7.ZIP for details.Sorry about that! But the new file does add something ... enjoy.Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont

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