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Missing sounds or wav-files and a request and a questio...

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Now that I finally have managed to tune aircraft.cfg and joystick to work in perfect harmony, which among other achievements gives what I think must be a realistic control for a steady climb or descent and by finding the right null-zone for the yoke/joystick, it is now much easier to engage the autopilot-aileron.It surely takes time to get familiar with all parts of the TM2.MISSING WAV-FILES:Now; I have started looking into not directly flight-related parts of the TM2. Doing so I got aware of that in the sound folder there are some missing wav-files that, as I can see, aren't substituted by the panel sounds:- bmgwarn- 732STALL- 732OVSP- bs-apilot_off- 732RODAJE- 732RODAJE2- 732WINGSCRAPE- 732BELLYREQUEST:Although it has no relevance to the handling the aircraft I miss seeing the wings when using wing-views. I quite understand that this issue has no priority. But if it is a very easy task, could it be possible to do so anyway ? It's an amusing view looking over the wings as a passenger in addition to the cockpit-views during the cruise, and at some part of the descent and approach it adds a litlle extra realism to the sim-experience.QUESTION:I allways do some adjustments to panels and add some extra gauges. I am no programmer, although fixing and adjusting xml-gauges is within my poor knowledge, but still I enjoy myself by doing these modifications.The TM2 panel is no exception, some modifications and extra gauges are allready put into it.What I wonder about is if this really is OK as long as I never upload or give anyone else these modified panels ?

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