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No more BSOD when switching views

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After weeks of experimenting and dozens of BSOD's and computer reboots, I've finally found a workaround to stop FSX crashing my computer.Am using XP-pro SP2, FSX SP1, and SDK SP1a. Only addons so far are WOAI aircraft (bgl's converted to FSX format).Recently I found I could open separate windows to view the AI aircraft while still keeping my plane in view. Also, I've been using traffic tools explorer to select what AI to view. Seems around this time is when I started getting the BSOD. But it wasn't the traffic tools that was causing the problem, it was the multiple windows and the switching between them that caused the computer to crash.This is the most basic example of how I get it to crash... 1) start up a flight 2) switch to spot view 3) right click and go to 'NEW VIEW' and select one of the AI aircraft 4) click on the newly opened AI aircraft window 5) click back onto the main view (your aircraft) - INSTANT BSODAnother BSOD crash would happen if I was watching an AI aircraft that gets deleted by FSX or by me from the traffic tools explorer window.It wasn't until I found that you can UNDOCK the main screen (your plane) that all my crashes stopped. Basically, I do not have any views that are docked anymore. If I open up a new view, I immediately select it and UNDOCK it off the main screen. So this is how I start up my FSX now: 1) start up a flight 2) switch to windowed mode if not already in it 3) switch to spot view (i like that one the best) 4) right click and UNDOCK the window (my plane has its own view now) 5) Now to start up my separte AI viewing window, I go back to the main screen (which is mostly black since no windows are docked on it) and select NEW VIEW-->AI aircraft-->(select and ai to view) 6) a new smaller window opens up, I immediately UNDOCK that window. 7) Now I start up traffic tools explorer and can just double click on a flight and that will show up in my AI viewing window.I can click on the AI window and back to my plane window and NO BSOD! I can delete the AI flight that is currently in my AI viewing window and it will switch to another AI, without BSOD!So to summarize, if you are getting BSOD's try undocking every window you have open, even the main one, and even if you only have one view.NOTE: it's best when you first load up a flight to switch to SPOT view before undocking the main window - if you undock the main window with the CP instruments showing, a new window will open for you showing you the outside view, but the instruments will still be showing on the main window.

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