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What's missing in Wilco's A320?

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A question to owners of the new Wilco A320: what is missing in this plane compared to PSS's products?Please don't answer "it's nicer, it's shinier,..." etc. but rather list what that "PIC" bird really misses compared to the real plane (the more detailed, the better):e.g.:red indicator on the gear lever;the ability to set a manual limit on the throttles for the A/THR;rising baseline on the PFD during landing;ND symbol for the point where the computed vertical path is to be joined (that "W" like shape);how is asymetric thrust lever movement handled;does A/THR disengage by putting the levers in the idle detent;what about terrain/weather radar;does the ND yellow arc exist (like the green arc on the Boeings where the MCU altitude is predicted to be reached);is full automatic approach and landing implemented (smooth deceleration, full speed management by lowering flaps only);missing pages on the MCDU;how far is FBW implemented and is it easy to cheat;etc.Maybe the example list seems strange to you, but looking at things like these I could imagine how far FT has pushed the simulation.Please understand my intention: I had my share in badly done buses in the past (betatested Aviograsf's, have that A310 etc.), and there's so much they all miss, and the Wilco manual is not very informative.The PSS birds have much "on board", but miss some vital things, so I wonder whether FT/Wilco's is really that better.Maybe it's easier to tell what Wilco's bird has system and display wise what the PSS birds don't have...I don't need another half-done bus in my hangar, so before Wilco sees my money, I'd like to know what I'd get.Thank you in advance!Andreas

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