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Just A Thought (re: B&W)

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I just had a thought... first one today :-jumpy Anyway, you know how when certain televisoin networks attempt to "colorize" something, it just does not look as good, as originally aired in B&W?For instance, I would never want to see the "Jack Benny" program in color... it wasn't meant to be; same for old silent movies, etc.Well, I think it would be neat if someone could create a scenery scape (like what some designers include with their aircraft), but in black & white, so that, when flying vintage aircraft - "Kitty Hawk", "Spirit Of St.Louis", etc. - one can feel as though he/she is in that era. I guess that since most monitors cannot go totally B&W (not my ViewSOnic A90, at least) it would be cool to tint the scenery; for instance, a bronze-hue antique look to it.I don't know anything about designing scenery and/or aircraft (apparently, eh?), but I was just wondering if it would be possible to create such scenery (using PaintShop Pro or something). Some add-on course designers (Links2001 Golf) can usually simulate different shades of green or "use" white sand, instead of beach (yellow) sand, or darken grass to simulate "night courses", etc. Sometimes, B&W can be more artistic than color (especially clouds during bad weather,etc.); offers more to the imagination.Please -- don't laugh at my idea ;(8 Stanley :-rotor

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