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Guest tmetzinger

FS9 scenery loading problem

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I'm going to cross-post this to the scenery design forum, but figured the experts here would have some good insights.When I start flight sim 2004 and try to place my aircraft at one of the airports where I have add-on scenery, the "loading scenery objects" window comes up, and then the computer seems to thrash for a very long time, with the hard disk chattering over and over in the same pattern. Eventually the scenery starts to load, and goes quickly, followed by the terrain, and then the thrashing will happen again for a shorter period while "loading air traffic control" is displayed.The problem is NOT consistent with any one scenery. Once the scenery is loaded the thrashing stops, frame rates are good, and flying is normal.It's not hardware, as full disk tests have been done, and backups/restores run smoothly. So getting data to and from the disk isn't an issue. (it's a WD Raptor 150)Running performance monitor shows a lot of bytes being read every second, with the read queue steady at 1 while the thrashing is going on. Then when it smooths out, the read queue bounces between 0 and 4.The disk has been defragmented with Ultimate Defrag, putting all the bgls, bmps, r8s, and agns out on the fast portion of the disk.I've run the ScanAFD application and haven't found any duplicate AFCADs except the normal ones in some payware that have multiple files for the airport, then the taxiways, and signs.I thought maybe there was a missing or corrupt texture file, but the scenery (once it loads) looks fine, and I don't get any error messages. And doing copies and reads from the disk also work fine, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the state of the NTFS filesystem.Sure would appreciate any insight into what happens when the loading process starts, and any known causes of long load times.-Tim

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