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9Dragons bandwidth reduction and install questions

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FIRST: Bandwidth reduction suggestion for AVSIM:The 9Dragons Version 1 parts should be more clearly labeled in the header and description. The only way I could tell was by the January file dates. I mistakenly downloaded two >80Mbyte Version 1 parts because they are intermixed in with Version 2 in the file library list. Also, the Version 2 description would be more helpful if it said that Version 1 is not required and should not be downloaded. This information is available only in the 22MB PDF file.Sorry for wasting your bandwidth downloading some unneeded files!= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =SECOND: Install questions and issuesI downloaded the following ZIP files from the AVSIM file 1 Feb 1 Feb 1 Feb 1 Feb 28 Jan 2008QUESTION 1=> Are the files in 28 Jan 2008 required for Version 2?QUESTION 2=> Why is the file "" 1 Feb 2008 named differently from the other 3 parts? This adds to the confusion over what parts to download.QUESTION 3=> Is there a preferred location for the dedicated 9Dragons file folder? (e.g. on the FS9 drive or within the FS9 subdirectory, etc.)QUESTION 4=> Is the file named "9Dragons V2 Installer.D03" missing from the AVSIM download zip files? It's listed in the PDF manual. NOTE: This question was already answered (THANKS) by Clutch Cargo's POSTING "There are only four parts to 9Dragons V2" at this link: are the files I have after unzipping into a dedicated folder per the instructions:9Dragons Pilot's Guide v2.pdf 9Dragons V2 Installer.exe 9Dragons V2 Installer.D019Dragons V2 Installer.D02avsim.diz README_1.txt README_2.txt README_3.txt README_4.txt = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =This looks like it will be a fantastic add-on and I want to thank everybody who has worked hard providing this for all of us. I would also encourage donations to the AVSIM library fund.Kim

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