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  1. tunnelcat

    Boeing 787-9 near vertical takeoff

    Yeah, I remember "Tex" Johnston's little stunt. None of the people on the ground, nor the Beoing officials, knew he was going to do it beforehand. He got a dressing down for it too when he landed. Years later, the test pilot for the Boeing 777, John Cashman, was specifically told: "No rolls". I guess they still remembered Tex's stunt. https://youtu.be/AaA7kPfC5Hk
  2. WOW! It's not a fully vertical takeoff, but the position of the camera makes it look that way. That quick level off was a little thrilling too. I bet for an instant, there was some zero gee weeeeeeeeee going on. https://youtu.be/pxvwGppH4zg
  3. tunnelcat

    Malaysian Flight 370

    True. I'm just trying to think outside the box here. Maybe they won't wait very long to do their nasty terrorist deed then. However, I can't think of any other reason somebody would actually want to fly off into the unknown with an airliner that big, other than to steal it for an unkown terrorist reason or ransom, or intentionally crash it as a terrorist act. There have been no ransom requests if they did land it somewhere, nor has any wreckage been found yet. And why would some terrorists crash an airliner into a deserted tract of open ocean where no one would find the evidence to their actions? These monsters always seem to want to show the world their evil deeds. Time will tell, unfortunately, for those on board.
  4. tunnelcat

    Products lose activation with BIOS changes

    There another reason for using disks. Some of us lowlifes that live in little towns only have a 1.5 Mb/s connection, or worse. The telecoms haven't seen fit to upgrade my area....yet. That's why I buy the disks, which by the way, are getting harder and harder to purchase these days as these lazy software developers begin to rely on downloading just to sell their software. Waiting a week or more for some of these huge downloads is just not feasible, especially for scenery and terrain downloads. I'd rather watch paint dry. I've already had to leave my system on for days because many of these new games are essentially released as beta, which then requires the buyer to download a huge patch(s) just to fix the unfinished software. :angry: In reference to the original thread, I just cloned my OS drive to install it to a SSD. My FSX installation is still on my D: drive, which is an HHD. Some changes were made in the BIOS to do this of course. I'm almost afraid to fire up FSX after reading this. Am I going to scream when I do and have to reinstall all of FSX just because of the DRM of my addons?
  5. tunnelcat

    Malaysian Flight 370

    It gets weirder and weirder. It appears that 2 separate systems were shut down at 2 different times, so it had to be a deliberate action undertaken by someone in the cockpit. Plus, it appears that the plane was equipped with a Boeing data system that apparently was pinging a satellite for about 4 hours AFTER all radio contact was lost, so apparently, it was still airborne with the engines running. The search area has been increased to a circle of 2500 miles! I have some conjecture here. Someone, either the pilots or a cockpit intruder didn't want that plane tracked when they deviated from the original flight path, so they shut off all the tracking and communication apparatus of the aircraft. This indicates that this was a deliberate act of terrorism or a hijacking. What these hijackers didn't know about was that Boeing data system that was pinging the satellite all the while they were in the air. So either the plane was deliberately crashed into a vast area of ocean to hide the act and create fear, or it landed somewhere with intentions unknown. Now if these hijackers were creative, what's to stop them from landing the plane somewhere, hide it for a while, load it up with explosives and fly it to some destination as a weapon like was done on 9/11? http://www.cbsnews.com/news/communications-systems-aboard-malaysian-jet-were-shut-down-separately/
  6. Got it. I obtained the .dll from the link provided by the original poster, but I was confused by his renaming instructions. The one I have is the proper version number for Vista. Thanks.
  7. OK, I'm a little confused. Why do we need to rename the downloaded .dll? There is no copy of this .dll in my FSX folder and I don't intend to put it in any Windows System folder. I have a downloaded copy with it's proper name sitting in another Document folder ready to put into my FSX main folder, so I need some clarification.
  8. Oops, you're right. AMD does not support hyperthreading. I've been using Intel too long. :huh: I've noticed that Process Monitor has been recomended. It's a wonderful tool, but the learning curve is very steep. It logs everything unless you know how to set the filters and I've had some difficulty because of the overwhelming information. It can be done with a little persistance. I was using it to find out which service or program was not unhooking from my registry and causing a temporary account problem when I logged off and back on. There is another tool called Process Explorer, from Windows Sysinternals as well, that may help you too. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx This tool shows you everything that's loaded in the background and when it starts and if it's running. You can then go to this guy's link and see which Microsoft services are safe to disable for your OS. http://www.blackviper.com/
  9. Isn't this the FSX hyperthreading issue? If you have a computer with mulitple hyperthreaded cores, doesn't this stuttering problem occur specifically with FSX? I sure notice it on my system when I have it enabled. I've taken to turning it off whenever I run FSX to smooth things out. I've looked into getting Process Lasso to make this easier to do, but I'm unsure of how to use it, so right now, I turn hyperthreading off in my BIOS whenever I want to do a long stint of FSX.
  10. tunnelcat

    Help On AGP Card

    I had a ATI Radeon 9800 XT AGP card that I replaced with a Nvidia 7950GT AGP card. It's about four times faster than the old one and I'm pleased with the performance. However, since it is an Nvidia card, it comes with the Nvidia driver issues with FSAA in FS9, that I have been able to work around. If I could have found an ATI card with the same specs, I would have gotten it instead of the Nvidia card, but AGP selections are very limited and I wanted to get at least 4X more speed for my money. One bonus I got was that the Nvidia card supports Pixel Shader 3.0 while my old ATI card supported only 2.0.You also have to worry about power connections to your motherboard and if your power supply has power to spare. Check out this web site for comparing video cards.http://www.playtool.com/pages/home/index.htmlThis site has AGP cards listed as to power requirements, connectors and a whole host of information for comparing video cards. There's even sections showing what the power connectors look like for the many types out there if you are not a computer expert. Enjoy.Kim
  11. This quirk seems to be an Nvidia Driver issue with the AIRAC load window position, a location that places it on top of the FS9 menu window while in full screen mode. This problem doesn't show up on ATI cards that I've heard of. It also works OK when in FSAA is set higher than 4X. 4X FSAA seems to be the worst offender. It also doesn't occur in 'windowed mode'.Other than getting Nhancer, my workaround has been to use 8X FSAA, always start FS9 in 'windowed mode' (this also solves the black aircraft preview screen bug) and then right before I hit the 'fly now' button, I switch to 'full screen mode'. Occasionally I get missing elements in the menu when switching modes, but I just make sure that the curser is not located over any menu area or just switch back and forth between modes again.I wonder if there is a way to reposition the AIRAC load window OUTSIDE of the FS9 menu window permanently to solve this problem?Kim
  12. tunnelcat

    "Illegal" Flying, Sim Style.

    OK boys. Want a challenge? Try flying a 747 through the Moffet Field hangers in the San Francisco Bay area in Palo Alto. It can be done, barely!Kim
  13. Somebody gave out the 100 mph crosswind figure because Brian Williams on the NBC News said the same stupid thing. Definitely must be a bogus number. But it looked pretty hairy! A lot of people on board wet their pants on this one. They even reported that Lufthansa was giving psychological counseling to anybody from the plane that wanted it. Kim
  14. tunnelcat

    Boeing Field, WA

    Too bad that you aren't going to be in Oregon. You could go to McMinnville and visit the Evergreen Aviation Museum and see the Spruce Goose and all the other wonderful aircraft they have on display.My husband got THE grand floor tour of the Everett Boeing Facility years ago while working for Hewlett Packard since they were making test instruments for Boeing Development at the time. I was jealous they didn't allow spouses. I would've enjoyed it.Kim
  15. tunnelcat

    PMDG 747 problems

    Ronald,This may be a long shot, but you might what to try this if you don't have it set already.Go into PMDG options when you bring up the menu while in FS. Go to the AFDS section and make sure that BOTH throttle and control override selections are UNCHECKED.This can be a problem if your controllers are putting out spurious noise inputs. Another way around this is to make sure your controllers have a bigger dead zone when you calibrate them.Kim